This term Reception will be exploring and leaning about Space! 

The children have made their own stars and planets to hang in our classroom, we have been retelling the different stories set in space and exploring our new space station role play.

We have been reading the story How to Catch a Star as a class. After reading the story we thought of our own ways to catch a star. 

Have you got an idea of how you could catch your own star?



This week in phonics we are learning the different ways to write the sound /ae/

–      ay in play

–      ai in rain

–      ea in great

–      a_e in gate



From this week the Reception children will be receiving homework each week to help them practise different skills at home. 

Can you have a go at this week’s homework and pracitise the sounds we learnt last term? 

Week 2 – phonics unit 11




Don’t forget to read regularly with your child at home and write a short comment in their reading record.