Reception have been very busy this term!

Our topic this term has been Traditional Tales.


We went on another trip to the library to celebrate Hat Day. We listened to stories about hats and wore some very funny looking hats.


We read the story of The Gingerbread Man and tasted some gingerbread.

“It tastes yummy.”

“It’s spicy”

Image result for the gingerbread man

We read the learnt the story of the Little Red Hen and even made our own bread just like the hen.

“It’s so sticky”

“It looks like slime”

“It tastes super-duper yummy!”


We also went on a trip to St Anne’s Church. We met Father Gordon and learnt all about the different things in the church and what they are for.

Next term we will be continuing our topic of Traditional Tales beginning with The Enormous Turnip. We are looking forward to lots more fun activities.