During Science Week Reception did lots and exploring and investigating just like real Scientists! 


We carried out a plant investigation. We planted three seeds. 

The first seed we gave sun light and water.

The second plant only had water.

The last plant had sun light and water.

We made our own predictions and then we observed the plants over time to see what would happen.

We learnt that plants need water and sunlight to grow.







We also explored bath bombs! 

First we made predictions and thought about what might happen if we put the bath bomb in some water.

Next we put the bath bombs in some water and observed to see what happened.

Isaiah “It’s disintegrating”

Malachijah “It’s melting”

Finally we had a go at making our own bath bombs. We worked together to measure out and mix the ingredients. Then we tested them in some water.



Ask us about our investigations to find out more!