On Monday Reception went on a trip to Brixton Windmill.

We took the number 37 bus and really enjoyed looking out of the windows looking at the places we were passing.

Dejuan and Preston looked for different shapes.

Rithanna spotted Clapham Common.

Hal noticed we went the same way he goes to get home.

When we got to the windmill we learnt about how corn is turned into flour using a big stone called a millstone. We also helped to tell the story of The Little Red Hen.

We all got to go inside the windmill and have a go at grinding corn using the millstones. It was really hard work!


We also each made our own little book of The Little Red Hen story.

James – “My favorite bit was going upstairs in the windmill.”

Yma – “I liked learning about how flour is made.”

We had a fantastic day! Thank you to all the parents who came on the trip with us!