Maple class assembly

Well done to the whole of Maple class for their amazing class assembly. The whole of the St Anne’s family were blown away by the singing ,dancing and acting!!!

London Zoo

Yesterday, Year 4 had a wonderful visit to London Zoo. We are looking at rainforests at the moment and we were lucky enough to have a real life experience of a rainforest and to actually become rainforest explorers! The children really enjoyed the day, seeing all kinds of wonderful animals.

National Outdoor Learning Day!

To celebrate National Outdoor Learning Day 2018 Year 1 took their science lesson outside to carry out a leaf hunt. We found lots of different leaves and used our tree identifying chart to find out which tree the leaf came from. We found Pine leaves, Cheery tree leaves, Horse Chestnut leaves and Sycamore leaves.



Year 4 have just started the new topic Rainforests and today we looked our atlases, particularly at where you would most commonly find rainforests. When we discovered that they are all mainly in the tropical region of our planet, we began learning about different climates and the climate of where you would find rainforests. After we did our research, the children acted as news reporters and gave great reports on the weather in tropical regions.

Science Week

Year 5 took science week by storm!

They took part in lots of different experiments to show off their scientific skills and really push their thinking!

Working as a scientist is a priority at St.Anne’s and year 5 wowed us with their scientific thinking.

Year 1’s Class assembly

All the children in Year 1 are very excited about their upcoming class assembly. It will take place on

Friday 27th April at 9.15 am in the hall.

The children have been practicing so hard this week and can’t wait to show you all of the wonderful things they have been learning this year.


After we finished Shakespeare week at St Anne’s, year 4 decided to learn about Romeo and Juliet from the point of view of Romeo in the form of diary writing. We were looking at the very dramatic scene where Romeo kills Tybalt and is then banished from Verona to Mantua. The children acted out the scene with great enthusiasm and effort, producing some great photos!