Primary Practice Science Club!

Since January some children from Elm and Palm class have been taking part in the Primary Practice Science club run but volunteers from St George’s hospital. The children have had great fun each week and have learnt a great deal from hand washing to x-rays and the recovery position!

This week the children attended a special graduation ceremony at St George’s hospital where they all received a certificate!

Tree Planting Trip

On Friday 23rd November children from St Anne’s school were invited to take part in a tree planting event in King George’s Park as part of National Tree Planting Week.

In order to win a place on the trip children had to complete a tree quiz. Two winners were selected from each class.

The winners were:

Olive: Harry and Milena

Willow: Ethan and Chloe

Maple: Cassie and Declan

Palm: Wirda and Daisuke

Elm: Ronika and JoJo


The winning children went down to King George’s Park on Friday morning with Mrs. Steward. The children helped to plant two trees in the park.



Next time you’re in King George’s Park look out for St Anne’s trees!

Well done to all the children who took part in the tree quiz! There were some amazing entries!

Science Fair

This year’s science fair will take place on the 19th July and will include volcanoes and flux capacitors.