The Circulatory system in Elm class

Elm class have been working hard learning all about how the body works. We have learnt about the heart and what blood carries around our body. We also have been focused on the circulatory system and what our lungs do. The children did some amazing research and even created models!

Red Nose Day Fun!

At St.Anne’s we like to do our bit for charity and we know how important Red Nose day is, so, Elm class, as charity ambassadors put on a fantastic talent show with the whole school. Who knew we had so much talent hidden away; it was a fantastic day and we raised lots of money for a good cause!

Delicious croissants at Cafe Fleur

As part of our topic ‘Wonderful Wandsworth’ we visited the local cafe ‘Cafe Fleur’. The children enjoyed making their orders and paying with their own money. The croissants went down very well!


Thank you for having us Cafe Fleur!

Pancake Day

Last week Oaks and Acorns enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day! We shared the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes and attended a special whole school Collective Worship where we had a pancake flipping competition.

Later on in the day the children chose their own toppings for their pancakes and enjoyed eating them!

Primary Practice Science Club!

Since January some children from Elm and Palm class have been taking part in the Primary Practice Science club run but volunteers from St George’s hospital. The children have had great fun each week and have learnt a great deal from hand washing to x-rays and the recovery position!

This week the children attended a special graduation ceremony at St George’s hospital where they all received a certificate!


Beegu, our alien visitor has been up to no good again!

Every time we leave the classroom she is causing mischief!

Since crashing into our classroom she has knocked over all the chairs, played with the marbles in our marble reward jar and messed up all our maths resources!

What will she do next??

World Book Day!

Today the whole school celebrated World Book Day! All the children in Olive Class chose their favourite story character to dress up as!






























In the morning we design our own front covers and wrote a blurb for our favourite stories.

Then we had a special assembly. Alarna won our best costume competition and won a special certificate. During assembly Gangsta Granny tried to come into St Anne’s and steal things from the children! Luckily a policeman was on hand to arrest her!

In the afternoon we visited Wandsworth Library! We had lots of fun learning about the library, looking at some of the books and drawing some more front covers.

A Surprise Visitor to Olive Class!

This week Olive Class were very surprised when they returned to the classroom after lunch on Tuesday to find an alien had crashed in the classroom!

We thought about how and why the alien had crashed! Then we thought of questions we would like to ask her.

We wonder what she’ll do while she is visiting Olive Class.

Annual Pupil Achievement Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony


Great news!  Our amazing results have been recognised at Wandsworth Borough and we have been invited to attend an awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the pupils and staff at St Anne’s School.

Highlights include:

  • One of the top 5 schools with the highest average progress score in all three of the KS2 teacher assessments (reading, writing and mathematics) in 2018.
  • One of the top 4 schools with the highest achieved progress score from KS1 to KS2, well above national average (in the top 10% of schools nationally) in all three of the KS2 teacher assessments (reading, writing and mathematics) in 2018.
  • One of the top 5 schools with the highest proportion of pupils meeting the expected standard (top 10% nationally) in all three of the teacher assessments (reading, writing and mathematics) in 2018.