Snow White Drama Workshop!

What an exciting day we’ve had! Today a visitor, from Performance X, came and did a workshop for us, on Performance through dance. We were telling the story of snow white, showing emotions with our faces and bodies all without words!

Carnival masks!

To finish off our excellent explorers unit, looking at South America and specifically Brazil we made Masks for our carnival designs!
They all looked amazing!

Pupil-led collective worship

Today we had our pupil-led collective worship, where we told the school all about Pentecost and what it means to a Christian.

Wimbledon Tennis visitor!

Today we were lucky enough to have an outside coach come in from Wimbledon Tennis. We practiced lots of hand-eye skills and even played some games!

Maths- Shapes

As apart of our math’s learning we have to be able to create different nets for 3D shapes, this can be tricky trying to visualise the shape once they are formed so we had a go at making our own!


Outdoor learning day!

What a lovely day to be outside!

Today was national outdoor learning day so we took our guided reading outdoors as well as planting some strawberry plants and looking at the tadpoles to support our learning of metamorphosis is science!

We love being outdoors in year 5!  

Science Week

Year 5 took science week by storm!

They took part in lots of different experiments to show off their scientific skills and really push their thinking!

Working as a scientist is a priority at St.Anne’s and year 5 wowed us with their scientific thinking.

Junior citizen trip

At the end of last term we had our junior citizen trip!

On this trip we learnt all about how to be a good citizen and what we should be looking out for.

Look out, year 5, St. Anne’s, are here to help!

Groovy Greek day!

To finish off our last topic we had a fabulous Greek day!
We all dressed up and took part in our own Greek Olympics.
We also made some Greek pottery and completed the day with food tasting!

Exceptional Explorers!

This term our topic is Exceptional Explorers! We are specifically exploring everything about South America.

We are learning about the climate/culture/ecosystem of Brazil but first we needed to locate exactly where it is using our atlas skills!