Year 4 investigated area using cubes. We then made lots of different shapes which all had an area of 24 cubes!

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This week St Anne’s were lucky enough to have a tennis lesson with Wimbledon Tennis coaches! Joshua and Tony were champions and hit a rally of 100!



In Geography we thought about negative and positive impacts of deforestation and sorted them into categories. We then made promises to try and help us to be environmentally responsible and help to save the rainforests around the world!

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A Royal Party

In Maths, Year 4 solved a problem where we had to seat guests at a Royal Party! We were given lots of clues and had to work out who had been invited, what their jobs were and where they were sitting!


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Year 4’s Rainforest

Last week Year 4 made the classroom into a beautiful rainforest but look what happened to it over lunch! What do you think caused our rainforest to be destroyed?


Welcome back!

Welcome to Year 4’s class blog! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. Check this blog for updates about Year 4’s learning, class messages and notices.

This term our new topic is called ‘Into the Wild’ and we will be learning about the Rainforest!

Start learning about this topic by researching a rainforest animal using the internet or books in your local library!