Symmetrical necklaces

Year 4 solved a problem today involving symmetry. Using 8 beads, 4 of one colour and 4 of another, we found as many symmetrical necklaces as we could. We thought about how to present our findings and if we could make necklaces using a different number of beads and which numbers would work best for this.

London Zoo

Last Friday, Year 4 visited London Zoo. We took part in a Rainforest Explorer workshop where we had to spot different rainforest animals and had a special thermometer to measure temperature and humidity. We even stroked a Madagascan hissing cockroach!

Afterwards, we had the chance to look around the zoo. We especially enjoyed Tiger Territory, Land of the Lions, Penguin Beach and the scariest part…In with the Spiders!

Support for Grenfell

This afternoon, Year 4 are busy making our banner for our sponsored walk to raise money for all those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire

A sunny Wednesday

After a hot playtime, we spent some time in the library reading a range of different books to help us relax and cool down!


Investigating sound

This afternoon we investigated the different mediums sound can travel through. One way we tested this was by hitting instruments and putting them in water and watching what happened to the vibrations.


Henri Rousseau

Today, Year 4 mixed different colours to create different shades of green which we can use in our Henri Rousseau inspired artwork!

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Year 4 investigated area using cubes. We then made lots of different shapes which all had an area of 24 cubes!

IMG_1407 IMG_1410


This week St Anne’s were lucky enough to have a tennis lesson with Wimbledon Tennis coaches! Joshua and Tony were champions and hit a rally of 100!



In Geography we thought about negative and positive impacts of deforestation and sorted them into categories. We then made promises to try and help us to be environmentally responsible and help to save the rainforests around the world!

030              031

A Royal Party

In Maths, Year 4 solved a problem where we had to seat guests at a Royal Party! We were given lots of clues and had to work out who had been invited, what their jobs were and where they were sitting!


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