Easter Fun Day!

We had so much fun at Easter Fun Day! We took part in a treasure hunt, got out faces painted, had our hair coloured and so many more exciting activities. We can’t wait for the next Fun Day!




Shakespeare Week

Willow Class have had so much fun learning about The Tempest. We imagined what it would have been like to be in the storm that Prospero created and wrote diary entries.


World Book Day

Willow Class had so much fun celebrating World Book Day and visiting Wandsworth Town Library! Can you tell who we are all dressed up as?




Today, Willow Class were lucky enough to have a visit from Allstars tennis and practise their tennis skills! Remember to pay Allstars a visit in King George’s Park if you are interested in tennis lessons!

Christmas Fun Day!

What a wonderful day the children had at our Christmas Fun Day filled with so many exciting Christmassy activities!

A big thank you to all of the Oak and Acorn parents and grandmas for bringing in the sweeties and helping to make our festive sweet bags, they went down very well. Thank you also to those who were able to help on the day, we are always very grateful for your help!

Here are a few snaps from the day to see some of the fun that was had.

Festive sweet and popcorn bags!


Gingerbread decorating…and eating!


Lucky dip and the mystery lockers…..


Fantastic face painting!


Nail painting, tattoos and hair chalk!


Tree Planting Trip

On Friday 23rd November children from St Anne’s school were invited to take part in a tree planting event in King George’s Park as part of National Tree Planting Week.

In order to win a place on the trip children had to complete a tree quiz. Two winners were selected from each class.

The winners were:

Olive: Harry and Milena

Willow: Ethan and Chloe

Maple: Cassie and Declan

Palm: Wirda and Daisuke

Elm: Ronika and JoJo


The winning children went down to King George’s Park on Friday morning with Mrs. Steward. The children helped to plant two trees in the park.



Next time you’re in King George’s Park look out for St Anne’s trees!

Well done to all the children who took part in the tree quiz! There were some amazing entries!


We had 18 straws and we used them to make octagons. We managed to make two irregular octagons! How many sides can you count?



Some cheeky household items were found sneaking around the Willow classroom this week! Traction Man wrote to Willow class and asked us to make wanted posters for these villains!


Science Museum

On Tuesday, Willow Class visited the Science Museum for our new Science topic on Materials. We visited the Pattern Pod where we explored making patterns and then we visited the Materials gallery where we saw objects made from different materials. There was even a metal wedding dress!