Battersea Park Zoo!

This week Olive Class went on a very exciting trip to Battersea Park Zoo as part of our Science topic: Animals!

We met lots of exciting animals, from monkeys and lemurs to snakes, Scottish wild cats and locusts.

We were able to touch some real ostrich and emu eggs and some snake skin!

In science we have been learning about animal diets and have been classifying animals into the groups: herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We were able to apply this knowledge while at the zoo and after learning what each animal ate we decided which group it would be in.

Special Visitor to Olive Class

This week Olive Class were luck enough to receive a visitor to help us learn all about Hinduism.

We learnt about how Hindus worship, we sang a special song and we learnt more about reincarnation.

We thought of and asked our own questions:

“How do they know when the food has been blessed?” – Yma

“Why does Lord Shiva want to destroy the universe?” – Dasha

“How do the gods get all their powers?” – Jemima

“Why does the soul go into a different body?” – Mary

“Does the soul go into an animal?” – Malachijah


As you are aware the children in Year 1 will take a short phonics check this year.

Here is some more information about the phonics check as well as some tips for practising at home!

This term the children will have a set of real and alien words to practise reading for their homework each week. It is very important that your child practises sounding out and blending these words everyday so that they are confident and ready for the check!

Phonics screening guide for parents Phonics tips

Phonics tips

Summer 1 Topic Map

Welcome back to school! We hope you have had a lovely Easter holiday! We have got a busy term ahead of us and this term our topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers! In this topic we will be learning all about animals!

Have a look at our topic map to see some of the learning we will be doing this term!

Summer 1 topic map Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Easter Fun Day

On Friday we had our whole school Easter Fun Day! Olive class had so much fun playing basketball, lucky dip, decorating biscuits, guessing the number of sweets in a jar and getting our hair, nails and faces painted!

Shakespeare Work!

To continue you our work on The Tempest by William Shakespeare we have been learning to write interesting and exciting setting descriptions.

First we looked at the beach on Prospero’s Island. We thought of adjectives to describe the island and then wrote a short setting description.

Then we changed the place and we used a range of resources to create our own jungles.

We came up with our own interesting adjectives to describe our jungles and then wrote our very own setting descriptions.


This term Olive Class have been having weekly dance lessons with Miss Ashton-Brown.

The children have loved taking part in the lessons and they have all be amazing at following instructions and learning each new dance move! For the final lesson of the term the children worked in groups of 3 to create their own dance. Then they performed it to the rest of the class!

All Stars Tennis

Olive Class had their final tennis coaching session with All Star Tennis this week! We have loved learning to play tennis and gained in confidence as well as improved our tennis skills.

If you would like to continue to practice playing tennis with your child you can go down to the courts in King George’s Park between 3pm and 5pm Monday-Friday!

Voices in the Park!

In guided reading we have been reading Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne.

First we looked at pictures from the story. We worked in groups to write down our thoughts, comments, ideas and questions we had about the pictures! Some of the pictures are very interesting and we noticed some very strange things….!


Next we had a go at creating a freeze frame from the story. We worked in pairs to recreate some of the images from the book. We then thought about how each character was feeling in that moment.