Beegu, our alien visitor has been up to no good again!

Every time we leave the classroom she is causing mischief!

Since crashing into our classroom she has knocked over all the chairs, played with the marbles in our marble reward jar and messed up all our maths resources!

What will she do next??

Olive Class Assembly!

On Friday it was Olive Class’s assembly!

We had lots of fun making our instruments, practising our 3Rs Song and learning This is the Bear!

The children did a FANTASTIC job of learning their lines and saying them in a really loud voice!

We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

World Book Day!

Today the whole school celebrated World Book Day! All the children in Olive Class chose their favourite story character to dress up as!






























In the morning we design our own front covers and wrote a blurb for our favourite stories.

Then we had a special assembly. Alarna won our best costume competition and won a special certificate. During assembly Gangsta Granny tried to come into St Anne’s and steal things from the children! Luckily a policeman was on hand to arrest her!

In the afternoon we visited Wandsworth Library! We had lots of fun learning about the library, looking at some of the books and drawing some more front covers.

A Surprise Visitor to Olive Class!

This week Olive Class were very surprised when they returned to the classroom after lunch on Tuesday to find an alien had crashed in the classroom!

We thought about how and why the alien had crashed! Then we thought of questions we would like to ask her.

We wonder what she’ll do while she is visiting Olive Class.

Drama Workshop!

This week Olive Class took part in an amazing drama workshop all about recycling! We had to teach the people of Party Land how to look after the environment and how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

We had so much fun!


“We had to pretend to be trees and when she wasn’t looking we moved!”


“We ate her chocolate cake when she wasn’t looking”


“I liked eating the chocolate cake.”


“I liked giving Party Land a recycling bin so they can recycle their rubbish!”


Spring 1 Outdoor Learning Week

The last week of Spring 1 was outdoor learning week. Olive class took their literacy learning outside and we visited the school garden. We had to describe the garden using our senses. We then created some amazing senses poetry about the garden!

Olive Class trip to Wandsworth Recycling Centre

This week Olive Class went on a trip to Wandsworth Recycling Centre. 

In Science Olive Class are learning about materials and their properties. To discover more about this topic we went on a trip to Wandsworth Recycling Centre.

First we were taken on a tour of the recycling centre. We saw lorries arriving with rubbish and saw where they leave the rubbish. Then we had a brief history of waste.






Our guide John taught all about the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. We learnt which materials can be recycled. What types of materials can be reused and what things have to be thrown away.







After lunch we visited the wormery. John taught showed us the worms that eat food waste and turn it into compost. The compost is then used to grow plants and vegetables.







Our final activity was a Michael Recycle the Superhero workshop. We listened to a story about Michael Recycle and then we created our own recycling superheroes using a range of recycled materials.


Christmas Story Telling

Today Willow, Olive, Oak and Acorn Classes were invited to a Christmas story telling with Mrs. Steward.

Mrs. Steward retold the story of The Gingerbread Man.

We loved taking part and acting out the different characters!

We even got to take home our very own gingerbread men made by Mrs. Steward to hang on our Christmas trees!