Reception Trip to Brixton Windmill

On Monday Reception went on a trip to Brixton Windmill.

We took the number 37 bus and really enjoyed looking out of the windows looking at the places we were passing.

Dejuan and Preston looked for different shapes.

Rithanna spotted Clapham Common.

Hal noticed we went the same way he goes to get home.

When we got to the windmill we learnt about how corn is turned into flour using a big stone called a millstone. We also helped to tell the story of The Little Red Hen.

We all got to go inside the windmill and have a go at grinding corn using the millstones. It was really hard work!


We also each made our own little book of The Little Red Hen story.

James – “My favorite bit was going upstairs in the windmill.”

Yma – “I liked learning about how flour is made.”

We had a fantastic day! Thank you to all the parents who came on the trip with us!



World Book Day Drama Workshop

Last week as part the world book day celebrations Reception took part in a drama workshop. We went on an adventure into space and played a trick on the evil space commander who had been causing lots of trouble.

Spring Term In Reception

Reception have been very busy this term!

Our topic this term has been Traditional Tales.


We went on another trip to the library to celebrate Hat Day. We listened to stories about hats and wore some very funny looking hats.


We read the story of The Gingerbread Man and tasted some gingerbread.

“It tastes yummy.”

“It’s spicy”

Image result for the gingerbread man

We read the learnt the story of the Little Red Hen and even made our own bread just like the hen.

“It’s so sticky”

“It looks like slime”

“It tastes super-duper yummy!”


We also went on a trip to St Anne’s Church. We met Father Gordon and learnt all about the different things in the church and what they are for.

Next term we will be continuing our topic of Traditional Tales beginning with The Enormous Turnip. We are looking forward to lots more fun activities.

The Frog Prince

In January The Hobgoblin Theatre Company visited our school to perform ‘The Frog Prince’. Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were lucky enough to watch the performance and take part in a drama workshop afterwards.

The children really enjoyed the performance and they were extremely keen to participate in the workshop! The children had lots to say about the performance afterwards:

“I liked the part when the princess couldn’t remember the magic word and she thought it was potatoes!”

“I liked it when the frog turned into the Prince because it was crazy and magical”

“I liked the bit when the frog was eating the food and it disappeared and he threw the plate on the floor”


A Mystery in Reception!

Last week Reception arrived at school to find that someone had been into our classroom, not only had the left it in a big mess but they had also taken one of our toys Mr. Giraffe!







Reception had a busy week working hard to solve the mystery of the stolen giraffe.

We had to look for clues.

First we found some footprints. They were very big so we knew they did not belong to any of us.

We then found a picture of the robber and decided to make some wanted posters so everyone in the school could help us find the robber.










Next we found an old map in the classroom. We followed the map and it led us to where the robber had hidden Mr. Giraffe…on the climbing frame!

Eventually after working hard as detectives we found the robber hiding in the hall. It was Mrs. Long!!

Luckily Mrs. Long has promised she will never take our toys again.


Visit to Wandsworth Library

Reception were invited to the Wandsworth Library to listen to author Joseph Coelho read his new book Luna Loves Library Day. We really enjoyed our walk to the library and everyone loved listening to the story. Thank you to the parents who came with us.


Welcome to the Reception Class Blog

Reception have had such a busy start to the school year, we have been busy settling into the new routines, making new friends and exploring the indoor and outdoor areas.