Mystery in Year 2…

Year 2 were shocked to find their classroom had been destroyed when they arrived back from playtime! Year 2 went on a hunt to see if the villain had left any other clues behind…



Making numbers

Year 2 have been doing lots of work on representing numbers up to 100. Here are some of the ways we made our 2-digit numbers. Do you know what they represent?


Phonics support

A big thank you to all of the parents that managed to come to our ‘meet the teacher’ event earlier this week.

As I mentioned, Year 1 has a major focus on phonics. Your support and help will have a huge impact on your child’s progress this year so please practise at home and read every day.


Here is a  great site to help with the pronunciation of each sound

Here is a site that will give you some more information on the phonics programme we use at St Anne’s;


Have a great weekend 🙂


Today Coach Will joined us from AFC Wimbledon to start a 12 week training course! We played lots of games to practise dodging and running sideways and backwards. We can’t wait for next week!


We love reading!

On Fridays, our parents can join us for our Free Reading time! We had so much fun on Friday and can’t wait to see more of you next week!


Welcome back!

We have had an amazing first week in Year 1.

We have made super rockets and alien homes and have had a great time getting to know each other.

Here is our topic map so you can see all of the wonderful things we will be learning in Autumn 1 🙂


Welcome to Year 2!

We have had a busy two weeks in Year 2, we have started our new topic on Superheroes, we read The Enormous Crocodile to celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday and we have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in Maths! Here are some photos of us today on a materials hunt, we found lots of objects made from the same materials.


At the recent Father’s day service at St Anne’s church, some members of the choir bravely gave up their Sunday morning lie-in and sang for the delighted congregation.

They performed, ‘One more step’ and ‘I wish I knew how’ finishing with Dante, Amea and Jasmine from Year 6 singing their own Father’s Day song. It was the first time a cartwheel had been seen in the church during a service and it was warmly received despite an initial look of surprise from Father Gordon. Everybody received a very appreciative round of applause and were welcomed back to sing as soon as possible. Father Gordon finished the service by generously giving refreshments to the children to distribute to their thirsty fathers. The choir stayed cool despite the high temperatures and remained the true professionals that they are.

Thank you to Daniel, Siya, Wronika, Ashley, Lincoln, Kimberley, Jasmine, Amea, Dante and Sapphire.

Symmetrical necklaces

Year 4 solved a problem today involving symmetry. Using 8 beads, 4 of one colour and 4 of another, we found as many symmetrical necklaces as we could. We thought about how to present our findings and if we could make necklaces using a different number of beads and which numbers would work best for this.

London Zoo

Last Friday, Year 4 visited London Zoo. We took part in a Rainforest Explorer workshop where we had to spot different rainforest animals and had a special thermometer to measure temperature and humidity. We even stroked a Madagascan hissing cockroach!

Afterwards, we had the chance to look around the zoo. We especially enjoyed Tiger Territory, Land of the Lions, Penguin Beach and the scariest part…In with the Spiders!