Drama Workshop!

This week Olive Class took part in an amazing drama workshop all about recycling! We had to teach the people of Party Land how to look after the environment and how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

We had so much fun!


“We had to pretend to be trees and when she wasn’t looking we moved!”


“We ate her chocolate cake when she wasn’t looking”


“I liked eating the chocolate cake.”


“I liked giving Party Land a recycling bin so they can recycle their rubbish!”


Spring 1 Outdoor Learning Week

The last week of Spring 1 was outdoor learning week. Olive class took their literacy learning outside and we visited the school garden. We had to describe the garden using our senses. We then created some amazing senses poetry about the garden!

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Wandsworth Library

Oaks and Acorns were very lucky to be invited to a special story time at Wandsworth Library where they listened to the story of The Great Race about the animals in the Chinese Zodiac.


After the story they took part in dancing using beautiful ribbons and used musical instruments to create sounds for the dancing lion and dragon!



Star Merit Assembly

End of a half term means only one thing: star merit assembly!

All of Elm class have been working extremely hard but this half term my Star Merit went to Sanaya for her outstanding effort in all work!

Enjoy the half term break and see you all on Monday 25th February!

Valentine’s day!

St.Anne’s has embraced valentines day, learning about St. Valentine!

We also got in the spirit by making cards and having a cake competition!

Our competition winners were: Tola in Maple class and Milena in Olive class!

Well Done girls!

Battersea Power Station Trip!

What an exciting day! Elm and Maple class were lucky enough to have an amazing trip to the Battersea Power Station to learn all about Electricity. We learnt how electricity works and we even saw how we can pass it through our own bodies. We also learnt about fossil fuels and renewable energy linked to the power station! Our final bit of the trip we got to become architects and design the new development, thinking about what we would want if we were to create a community! We’re now going to take this back and apply this in our science and geography lessons!


Debating time!

Elm class have been working really hard in both their debating sessions and in literacy to improve how they argue for something!

In our sessions so far we’ve learnt about the power of body language, eye contact and tone of voice. We have also been improving our building of a case through evidence and explanation!

Watch out parents, they may be very persuasive!


Keeping fit and Skipping!

Over the past few weeks all children at St.Anne’s have been thinking about ways we can keep fit and we even had someone in to help test our fitness levels and show us ways to improve different areas of our fitness!


We also have been taking part in sponsored skipping; raising money but also keeping us healthy and even learning some new tricks! We managed to raise an amazing £387 (and counting!) which will be spent on getting fantastic playtime equipment!