Nursery Christmas Party

The children had lots of fun at the Nursery Christmas Party. They enjoyed a morning of pass the parcel, musical statues, dancing and eating! Thank you all for the delicious food and party treats that were brought in.


We’re going on a bear hunt!

We’re going on a bear hunt has been a very popular story with the Nursery children. They loved listening to the story and joining in with the repeated refrains.

They have really enjoyed exploring different activities linked to the story and retelling it using different props! They made some wonderful story collages to retell the story in their own words.

The children loved our bear hunt theme so much that we decided to hold a teddy bear’s picnic. They brought in their teddies from home to meet their friends and share some delicious and healthy picnic food with!



Climbing Frame Time

The Nursery were so excited to use the climbing frame this week. They demonstrated some fantastic climbing and balancing skills.

We talked about travelling safely and the children showed how they were able to move around the climbing frame with excellent control.

They challenged themselves to hold onto the ropes and count how long they could hold themselves for.

The Nursery children look forward to another visit to the climbing frame next week!

Settling into Nursery

Welcome to our Nursery blog!

The Nursery class have had such a busy first half-term already! They have been singing a new number song each week and settling into the Nursery routine. Here are some pictures to show you some of the fun that has been had!

We have just opened our digging area and the children have loved making mud cakes and getting messy hands.

The boys have been enjoying mark-making outside this week!

We even had a special visitor for Show and Tell. Meet Freddie the puppy.


When the firefighters came to visit….

In Nursery we have been talking about People Who Help us. We were ever so lucky to have a special visit from the local firefighters who even let us have a go on their fire engine.

It even inspired us to create our very own fire engine at Nursery!

Making Pizza Muffins

The children had a lovely time making pizza muffins this week. The children chose their own toppings from olives, sweetcorn or ham and did the spreading and sprinkling all by themselves.

Here are some photos of the super concentration that went on and the fun that was had!

Making carrot juice

We loved making apple, carrot and orange juice today in the Nursery.

The children helped to squeeze the oranges and said that the sound of the blender was “very noisy”.

It was fun to try something different and talk about the taste and smell. We look forward to next week where we will be trying the taste of lots of different vegetables!

IMG_6818 IMG_6788 IMG_6813 IMG_6817 IMG_6773 IMG_6791 IMG_6796 IMG_6769

Museum Day

We had a great time at the St Anne’s Museum today. We transformed the Nursery into a Museum using the children’s own models that they had made.

They enjoyed handing their tickets over and looking at each other’s models. They were able to talk about their models and showed interest in looking at their friend’s models too.

At the end of the trip to St Anne’s Museum, we visited St Anne’s Cafe where the children were able to buy a biscuit for 1p using their lovely manners.

What a fun day!

IMG_6739 IMG_6744 IMG_6749 IMG_6750 IMG_6751

Buddy Reading

Nursery have been very lucky to be paired up with Year Three for Buddy Reading. This takes place once a week and gives the children a lovely opportunity to be read to by a Year Three child. Here are a few photos from this week!

IMG_6714[1] IMG_6711[1] IMG_6716[1]

Nursery Class Trip To The Cafe

The Nursery children had so much fun on their little trip to Cafe Fleur.

They all ordered their own drink at the counter and enjoyed eating their croissants!

After our visit, the children wrote some thank you letters which we gave to the cafe. More photos and the children’s letters are up in the Nursery.

IMG_6579    IMG_6577                  IMG_6569