Tadpoles in the pond

In Nursery the children have been learning about different life cycles. This week we have been looking at the life cycle of a frog. The children enjoyed listening to the story of Oscar and the Frog to find out about how frogs grow.

We went to the school garden to observe the pond life and we were very excited to discover tadpoles in the pond. We look forward to visiting the pond again to see if we can spot any frogs next time!


Nursery Easter Celebrations

Yesterday we had a fun day of Easter Celebrations in the Nursery. The children talked about why we celebrate Easter and what they like about Easter. They enjoyed trying hot cross buns and were very excited to look for eggs with their names on in our Easter egg hunt!

Here are some photos from the day:

Wild Animal Workshop

On Monday we had some very special visitors in the Nursery! A corn snake, tropical toad, hissing cockroach, scorpions and a lovely rat called Pinky who was scared of the floor.

The children really enjoyed handling the animals and finding out about them. They asked the animal handler some fantastic questions and they were very gentle with the animals.


Noah’s Ark

This week we have been reading the story of Noah’s Ark. The Nursery children had a message from Noah to ask for some help building an ark for the animals.

Here are some photos of the children hard at work in Noah’s workshop and some of their amazing creations!


The Frog Prince

In January The Hobgoblin Theatre Company visited our school to perform ‘The Frog Prince’. Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were lucky enough to watch the performance and take part in a drama workshop afterwards.

The children really enjoyed the performance and they were extremely keen to participate in the workshop! The children had lots to say about the performance afterwards:

“I liked the part when the princess couldn’t remember the magic word and she thought it was potatoes!”

“I liked it when the frog turned into the Prince because it was crazy and magical”

“I liked the bit when the frog was eating the food and it disappeared and he threw the plate on the floor”


When the fairies came to Nursery…

In Nursery we have been reading a story called ‘Where do fairies go when it snows?’ This has given the children the opportunity to use their imagination and share their ideas.

The fairies have been leaving the children notes around the classroom each day and they have presented the Nursery children with lots of problems to solve. One fairy was frozen and the children decided that they needed to leave her close to the radiator and put a coat on her to help melt the ice.

This week they invited us to the garden where we found a tiny fairy door and some fairy dust!


Nursery Christmas Party

The children had lots of fun at the Nursery Christmas Party. They enjoyed a morning of pass the parcel, musical statues, dancing and eating! Thank you all for the delicious food and party treats that were brought in.


We’re going on a bear hunt!

We’re going on a bear hunt has been a very popular story with the Nursery children. They loved listening to the story and joining in with the repeated refrains.

They have really enjoyed exploring different activities linked to the story and retelling it using different props! They made some wonderful story collages to retell the story in their own words.

The children loved our bear hunt theme so much that we decided to hold a teddy bear’s picnic. They brought in their teddies from home to meet their friends and share some delicious and healthy picnic food with!



Climbing Frame Time

The Nursery were so excited to use the climbing frame this week. They demonstrated some fantastic climbing and balancing skills.

We talked about travelling safely and the children showed how they were able to move around the climbing frame with excellent control.

They challenged themselves to hold onto the ropes and count how long they could hold themselves for.

The Nursery children look forward to another visit to the climbing frame next week!

Settling into Nursery

Welcome to our Nursery blog!

The Nursery class have had such a busy first half-term already! They have been singing a new number song each week and settling into the Nursery routine. Here are some pictures to show you some of the fun that has been had!

We have just opened our digging area and the children have loved making mud cakes and getting messy hands.

The boys have been enjoying mark-making outside this week!

We even had a special visitor for Show and Tell. Meet Freddie the puppy.