Visit to Wandsworth Library

Reception were invited to the Wandsworth Library to listen to author Joseph Coelho read his new book Luna Loves Library Day. We really enjoyed our walk to the library and everyone loved listening to the story. Thank you to the parents who came with us.


Welcome to the Reception Class Blog

Reception have had such a busy start to the school year, we have been busy settling into the new routines, making new friends and exploring the indoor and outdoor areas.

Climbing Frame Time

The Nursery were so excited to use the climbing frame this week. They demonstrated some fantastic climbing and balancing skills.

We talked about travelling safely and the children showed how they were able to move around the climbing frame with excellent control.

They challenged themselves to hold onto the ropes and count how long they could hold themselves for.

The Nursery children look forward to another visit to the climbing frame next week!

Wear it wild!

Before half term, St Anne’s helped to raise money for WWF by dressing up as wild animals! Look at some of the wild animals in Year 2!


Year 2’s Trip!

Last Friday, Year 2 visited the Science Museum for our science topic on materials. We visited the materials gallery where we walked on a glass bridge, saw a wedding dress made of steel and explored the properties of different materials!


Settling into Nursery

Welcome to our Nursery blog!

The Nursery class have had such a busy first half-term already! They have been singing a new number song each week and settling into the Nursery routine. Here are some pictures to show you some of the fun that has been had!

We have just opened our digging area and the children have loved making mud cakes and getting messy hands.

The boys have been enjoying mark-making outside this week!

We even had a special visitor for Show and Tell. Meet Freddie the puppy.


Our Year 1 scientists!!!

This week children have been working scientifically using their amazing science skills. After learning all about our bodies’ senses and discovering that our whole body helps us with our sense of touch, children wanted to investigate which part of our bodies are best for touching.


They decided to try to guess which object was in my box, first with th

eir feet and then by feeling with their hands.

We had lots of different predictions but all found that our hands were the best part of our bodies to feel with. Here are some of our pictures from the experiment.



Mystery in Year 2…

Year 2 were shocked to find their classroom had been destroyed when they arrived back from playtime! Year 2 went on a hunt to see if the villain had left any other clues behind…



Making numbers

Year 2 have been doing lots of work on representing numbers up to 100. Here are some of the ways we made our 2-digit numbers. Do you know what they represent?


Phonics support

A big thank you to all of the parents that managed to come to our ‘meet the teacher’ event earlier this week.

As I mentioned, Year 1 has a major focus on phonics. Your support and help will have a huge impact on your child’s progress this year so please practise at home and read every day.


Here is a  great site to help with the pronunciation of each sound

Here is a site that will give you some more information on the phonics programme we use at St Anne’s;


Have a great weekend 🙂