It’s Christmas!

Year 1 and 2 had so much fun at their Christmas party yesterday! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


When the fairies came to Nursery…

In Nursery we have been reading a story called ‘Where do fairies go when it snows?’ This has given the children the opportunity to use their imagination and share their ideas.

The fairies have been leaving the children notes around the classroom each day and they have presented the Nursery children with lots of problems to solve. One fairy was frozen and the children decided that they needed to leave her close to the radiator and put a coat on her to help melt the ice.

This week they invited us to the garden where we found a tiny fairy door and some fairy dust!


Nursery Christmas Party

The children had lots of fun at the Nursery Christmas Party. They enjoyed a morning of pass the parcel, musical statues, dancing and eating! Thank you all for the delicious food and party treats that were brought in.


Equal groups!

In Maths, Year 2 are learning to recognise and make equal groups. We investigated all the different ways we could make 12



We’re going on a bear hunt!

We’re going on a bear hunt has been a very popular story with the Nursery children. They loved listening to the story and joining in with the repeated refrains.

They have really enjoyed exploring different activities linked to the story and retelling it using different props! They made some wonderful story collages to retell the story in their own words.

The children loved our bear hunt theme so much that we decided to hold a teddy bear’s picnic. They brought in their teddies from home to meet their friends and share some delicious and healthy picnic food with!



A Mystery in Reception!

Last week Reception arrived at school to find that someone had been into our classroom, not only had the left it in a big mess but they had also taken one of our toys Mr. Giraffe!







Reception had a busy week working hard to solve the mystery of the stolen giraffe.

We had to look for clues.

First we found some footprints. They were very big so we knew they did not belong to any of us.

We then found a picture of the robber and decided to make some wanted posters so everyone in the school could help us find the robber.










Next we found an old map in the classroom. We followed the map and it led us to where the robber had hidden Mr. Giraffe…on the climbing frame!

Eventually after working hard as detectives we found the robber hiding in the hall. It was Mrs. Long!!

Luckily Mrs. Long has promised she will never take our toys again.


Visit to Wandsworth Library

Reception were invited to the Wandsworth Library to listen to author Joseph Coelho read his new book Luna Loves Library Day. We really enjoyed our walk to the library and everyone loved listening to the story. Thank you to the parents who came with us.


Welcome to the Reception Class Blog

Reception have had such a busy start to the school year, we have been busy settling into the new routines, making new friends and exploring the indoor and outdoor areas.

Climbing Frame Time

The Nursery were so excited to use the climbing frame this week. They demonstrated some fantastic climbing and balancing skills.

We talked about travelling safely and the children showed how they were able to move around the climbing frame with excellent control.

They challenged themselves to hold onto the ropes and count how long they could hold themselves for.

The Nursery children look forward to another visit to the climbing frame next week!

Wear it wild!

Before half term, St Anne’s helped to raise money for WWF by dressing up as wild animals! Look at some of the wild animals in Year 2!