Last week Reception arrived at school to find that someone had been into our classroom, not only had the left it in a big mess but they had also taken one of our toys Mr. Giraffe!







Reception had a busy week working hard to solve the mystery of the stolen giraffe.

We had to look for clues.

First we found some footprints. They were very big so we knew they did not belong to any of us.

We then found a picture of the robber and decided to make some wanted posters so everyone in the school could help us find the robber.










Next we found an old map in the classroom. We followed the map and it led us to where the robber had hidden Mr. Giraffe…on the climbing frame!

Eventually after working hard as detectives we found the robber hiding in the hall. It was Mrs. Long!!

Luckily Mrs. Long has promised she will never take our toys again.